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Salon Tbilisi Berlin is a literary performance project between female authors and artists from Tbilisi and Berlin. The project was set up by German actress Mareike Wenzel. The frame for this performance sets the Georgian Supra – banquet-  and the toasts, raised by the tamada – toastmaster. Inspired by this Georgian toasting tradition, every few months 7 female authors from Tbilisi and 7  from Berlin write texts based on the topics of the different Georgian toasts. The texts are then translated into the other language and presented during a supra which takes place in Berlin and Tbilisi, where the women take the role of  the tamada and present their texts. The Salon Tbilisi Berlin wants to explore new voices from Georgia and Germany and draw a picture of both countries from a female perspective.

The project started in 2011, sofar ten performances have taken place. A big final performance is planned in Berlin and Tbilisi. All writers will meet and work on a performance based on all texts and the material gathered during the past years.

Video of the first Salon Tbilisi Berlin @ Silk Museum Tbilisi








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